Struggle To Get It All Done? Sleep!


From Cath Nolan, MD Gender Gap Gone

If you’re reading this, you’re busy. So I’ll be quick.

A little while ago I was participating in an Entrepreneurs Roundtable. Suzi Dafnis, CEO of Her Business (formerly Australian Business Women’s Network) asked what one thing we wanted help with or were struggling with. Most at the table cited technical issues or people management. I felt like a square peg at that moment- mine was much more internal.

I was struggling to spread my energy. Three small kids, working mostly from home with a start up business, maintaining established consulting clients,  and managing the household… splitting my time was manageable but I needed more headspace! There was no  prep time in between intensive, ‘on now’ critical moments.

I was capable of doing every task ahead of me, but with so many balls in the air at once my brain was overwhelmed and foggy. I didn’t feel I was giving any of my priorities the attention they needed.

Suzi’s priceless advice? There were two things: one of them was sleep. It seemed so counter-intuitive. I wanted MORE time, and Suzi was suggesting I cut into those precious quiet hours of the night to sleep?!

Despite the protest voice within, I took her advice. I trust this highly accomplished, well balanced woman. If Suzi advocates sleep as a business management tool, I was going to give it a try.

There have been a great many lessons I’ve had to learn throughout my career. The difference between encouraging and patronising, the red flags to look for in financial reports, how to code!!! But none were as instantly transformational as this one.

The hours between 9am and midnight are said to be worth double any hour after midnight.   Ok so I hear your protest. Your day isn’t finished by 9pm so you can’t possibly get into bed then?

But what if there’s a possibility that you too could actually get MORE done in less time. What if fewer hours away actually led to fewer mistakes, higher quality work in less time with significantly less frustration? Wouldn’t it be worth trying?

Watch these FOUR MINUTES of Ariana Huffington on how to succeed via more sleep.

Here’s what I found. I knew that what I was doing was flawed. I was prepared to give this new approach a try, at least short term. But how to switch off the brain at 9am to let sleep in?

No one strategy worked a miracle for my busy brain, but being ok with that made a big difference. One of the guided meditations I now listen to reminds me that it’s ok not to be sleeping, that your body is still getting benefit from the rest.

Here’s the list of strategies my research turned up.

  • Guided meditations ( I like a couple of apps, iSleepFree and Relaxation, but a quick search of the app store will reveal many others too)
  • Remove LED clocks from the bedroom
  • Fresh air
  • Feel-good crisp linen
  • Lavender in the room
  • Lots of water through the day, but not too much at night
  • Reduced caffeine (including chocolate!)
  • Stretching. Even the most basic stretching before bed seems to settle the body hugely.

I needed some strategies to GET to sleep but once I was there, banking my 7 – 9 hours a night, other things just started falling into place. My decisions were sharper, my frustrations lower. The incidence of external complicating factors like IT issues simply dropped.

Do I get 7-9 hours every night? Nope. But when I have a few 1am finishes in a row I’m aware of the difference in my performance. Now I know the remedy and how instant is the impact. It’s one more resource in the toolkit.

May it be equally useful to you too!

Oh and Suzi Dafnis’ second piece of advice, for managing the overwhelm of a big workload and busy homelife? Outsource all you can and don’t feel bad about it.

Sensational isn’t it, how mentors can provide the right piece of advice at just the right time? Even if it’s advice you’ve heard before, from an intuitive mentor it resonates.

Cath Nolan


An executive coach and MD here at Gender Gap Gone, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally, Cath has coached over 300 individuals and worked with some of Australia’s best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent key note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women and diversity groups.

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What Difference Can YOU Make This International Women’s Day?


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. What will you do to mark the day? Perhaps you’ll attend an event with inspirational speakers? But what are you going to DO, to see the Gender Gap Gone?

When we support women, we support individuals. Quality, low-cost childcare options are good for families, for economies. Corporate policies that are attractive to women (merit-based promotions, encouragement of collaboration, more integrated work/life flow etc) are appealing to most employees. Collectively crafting a society intolerant of violence… everyone benefits.

Eloquent advocates of large-scale change are vocal this week particularly. Governments are lobbied, businesses in the spotlight. I want to talk to you about what YOU can do.

If you’re walking along a street and the only other person on the street ahead of you trips and falls, you’ll stop to check they’re ok. But if you walk along a busy street, someone falls and 3 or 4 people ahead of you stop to help? You’re probably going to keep walking.

It might be tempting this week to believe that with all the focus on the Gender Gap, your personal attention is not required. When it comes to diversity and in particular, seeing the Gender Gap Gone, if you’re prepared to let others deal with it, you’re likely adding to the problem – certainly as it exists for yourself and those who follow you / aspire to be like you.

Remember Lieutenant General David Morison’s now iconic line,

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept

Well my question for you this week is what are you accepting in your own life and what will you do differently? Okay, so that’s two questions!

To take action you can tackle the gap for others or you can start, possibly more powerfully with yourself. For your sake and for those around you. Let me share a few tangible ideas.

Take External Action to see the Gender Gap Gone

  • Sponsor a young girl in poverty, to provide safety and education
  • Donate new or nearly new business clothes to Dress For Success
  • Support a women’s shelter financially
  • Advocate for the women around you. If their voices are drowned out in meetings, ask their opinion on the important issues.
  • Look to the individuals in your team. Understand what makes them tick. Engage them individually, not en-masse in a style that suits how you would like to be managed.

Take Internal Action to see the Gender Gap Gone

Here is where the real magic happens. We can make changes to policy and changes to available opportunities, but unless individual women believe they want and can have more, our progress will be limited.

You know the story of the baby elephant that was tied to a rope, held to the ground with a wooden peg? He had about a 3m diameter to move in. The baby elephant didn’t have the strength to pull the peg from the ground, so he learned that the 3m diameter was all the space he had, despite the field around him. Over time that elephant grew. He could easily have pulled the peg from the ground, but he never did. He didn’t think he could so he didn’t try.

Ladies, don’t be like the baby elephant. Know that you CAN pull that peg from the ground. When we look at senior leadership roles in business, government, sport etc there are many more men that women. But there ARE women. It CAN be done. There are tools available to help you discover where you want to go and support you if you choose to Lead Bravely.

Indeed, a number of our resources and events are free – much the same as many leadership and career specialist organisations.

Even without that support, what can you do, right now, to see the Gender Gap Gone for yourself?

If you only do ONE THING, try this:

It may feel unnatural, but CELEBRATE YOU. It will boost your confidence, it will inspire you to stretch more and maybe boost your profile or ask for a pay rise. I have seen this one little act make such a big difference literally thousands of times. (And I do mean literally, not the just-for-emphasis use of literally!)

If I’m asking you to get uncomfortable though, I’m going to do the same.

Ok, so I may quietly have an internal replay stuck on a loop with Will Farrell in Old School, running naked and alone through the streets beaming “Come on honey, we’re all doing it”

If that’s the outcome, I’m good with that too.

You might join me publicly (use the #CelebrateMe and tag @GGapGone on Twitter or @GenderGapGone on Instagram or Facebook)


You might just have a quiet word to yourself, writing a note somewhere that will be prominent just for you.

Whichever approach you take, please take a moment to #CelebrateMe

You get that I mean celebrate yourself, not me, right!!

However, when you’re contemplating whether to celebrate with me via social media, or privately, please consider this.

As long as there are few photos of women in annual reports and on reception area walls, celebrating success; as long as there are few female voices raised with messages of “I did it, my family and my values are in tact, you can do this too if you choose”… then women will feel like a minority. We’re not.

When you’re considering your actions to support International Women’s Day 2016, I urge you to be vocal.

Raise your voice in support of women. The women you admire and the woman you are. Can’t think of anything to say? Try this:

I am kind.

I am capable.

I am powerful.



You are capable.

I have huge respect for you.

I admire your work.


Since I won’t ask you to do something I won’t do, here’s my post from Instagram, Facebook at Twitter moments ago:

I am fierce & I am kind.

Whatever action you take this International Women’s Day, do it for yourself, for the people we love, for our communities and the sustainability of our economies and way of life. There are benefits for everyone.

Ladies, raise your voice. Allow me and others to celebrate you too.

Cath Nolan


An executive coach and MD here at Gender Gap Gone, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally, Cath has coached over 300 individuals and worked with some of Australia’s best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent key note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women and diversity groups.

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A Kind of Naked…

Barbie legs naked

Hey I’m Cath,

I’m the founder here at Gender Gap Gone. For International Women’s Day I’m going to do something that I hope you’ll join me in.

We’re not experts in ending domestic violence or providing equal access to education or quality health for women and children at risk… but we CAN HELP with the Gender Pay Gap. See I KNOW as true as I’m alive that you have the power to make a change in your life.  I want to get you started.

Everyone faces barriers at some point… and some push through to achieve what they want. Or something better than that. You can too.

You HAVE the power to do this, you can make your career exactly what you want it to be. You CAN have a job that’s perfect for you, that nourishes you; you can be paid well if you choose… The how is clear and well- tested. You just need to follow the steps.

One of the first steps is to feel good about you. Take stock of what you’ve done that you’re proud of. It doesn’t come naturally, does it? Not for me either.

I can happily take stock of all that I’m grateful for, but what I’m proud of is much harder. But since I know how liberating self-awareness and bravery are, I’m going to take this very simple step.


This isn’t as bold as Nigel Marsh’s communal, nude Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim. For some of us, it may be tougher.

I may stand alone in this. I may be judged as being full of myself. But I hope I’m not. I hope that some of you will join me so you can feel the benefit. Add your voices. Share what’s great about you.

Since I know the positive impact it’s going to have, I’m authorising an incentive, from Gender Gap Gone, to encourage you. We’re going to select a #CelebrateMe post from among our Insta/Facebook / Twitter followers to receive a 12 Month Career Empowerment Membership, RRP$276

A few years ago I heard a Makeup Artist speaking about skincare. Speaking on the perils of skimping on self-care, she said “no matter what you think about your skin right now, in 5 years you’ll wish you had exactly what you’ve got right now – take care of it!”

The same can probably be said of lots of things (I wish I was the size I was when I first thought I should lose weight)… but when it comes to our careers, at all levels women particularly are inclined to say “Oh I haven’t done that”, rather than affirming “I’ve done this” of the capabilities they do have.

Gentlemen if there’s a woman who’s work you respect, whose ethic and character you admire, perhaps you’ll join in too. Let them know. Better yet, let it BE KNOWN. Advocate for them in the boardrooms and among people of influence within your organisation.

Speak of their leadership abilities and contribution.

I’ll post my #CelebrateMe on Monday, ahead of International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Not just to GGG’s informal social media outlets, but even to the conservative LinkedIn. Can you feel how deep I’m digging? My need to psych myself up?


It’s still a few days away. That gives us all some time to think deeply about what we can say about ourselves 🙂 Or the women we respect.


Want to see the action? Connect with us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram. Sure I may end up standing alone… but I’ll risk it. The potential benefits are worth it. For all of us.

#IWD2016 #CelebrateMe #Inspiration

Cath Nolan

An executive coach and MD here at Gender Gap Gone, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally, Cath has coached over 300 individuals and worked with some of Australia’s best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent key note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women and diversity groups.

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Ask for More

salary blog header

From Cath Nolan:

There’s sense among many women that we’re getting a bit of a raw deal when it comes to workload and income. Research shows consistently that women do more work in the home (2.9 vs 5.2 hours) and get paid less in the office (24% of total remuneration).

Of course most men aren’t purposefully setting out to get the upper hand… although for anyone with a competitive streak that’s a necessary factor- male or female. The big question for me, is how can women get a little more of that competitive spirit without feeling dirty?

Let’s tackle the ‘paid less’ issue.

I’ve asked Kelly Magowan, author of The Busy Women’s Guide to Salary Negotiation to join us for a free Webinar in a few weeks, for our subscribers. You can access that HERE.

Kelly quote

Meanwhile, here are my top tips for increasing your competitive urge so you feel ready to take on that conversation.

  1. Be Prepared. First know what you want. Then know your market worth and pitch that rather than how committed you are. If your conversation is all “I deserve” you’l come across and whiny and frankly uncompelling. Kelly offers 7 steps to Salary Negotiation in this article – a few of them are the what-exactly of Being Prepared.
  2. Be Confident. Take stock of all your achievements. Not so you can list them off when you’re sitting down with the boss necessarily, but so you feel better about your abilities. Creatively the market knowledge you’ll get from Kelly’s preparation tips will help with this big time too.
  3. Use Science. You can manipulate your hormones to induce that feeling of competitive drive. By increasing your testosterone (the risk-taking hormone) and decreasing your cortisol (the stress hormone), you’ll be statistically more likely to have that tough conversation.

If you haven’t yet heard Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – now’s the time to tune in. If you have heard it, watch it again and share it. Which power pose works best for you? And when will you apply it? Before the big meeting, or will you ALSO use it as you’re preparing?

I’ve heard many disgruntled employees complain that “I’m overlooked”  or “I didn’t get a raise / promotion / support for training I wanted”. When I delve further, they’ve not actually asked for these things that they want.  Exit surveys are filled with evidence that people leave businesses thinking that what they want isn’t available… even though it really is available. Wasted opportunities.

Don’t leave money on the table. Or opportunity or flexibility or whatever it is that’s important to you. Others are asking and receiving. Why not you?

Gear up your confidence and gather your data, be clear about what you want then Ask For It!

You never know, the same strategies that work to get you more income might even work to buy you more equity in the household care department too 🙂

Want to strategise that conversation? Join us for Kelly Magowan’s Webinar and take the opportunity to have your questions answered by the guru.

Cath Nolan

An executive coach and our CEO here at Gender Gap Gone, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally in this space, Cath has coached over 300 individuals and worked with some of Australia’s best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent key note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women and diversity groups.

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resilience blog title

From Cath Nolan

We’re all trying to get more done but be less stressed out while achieving it, right? There’s a particular item on every too-busy person’s to do list and I’d like to know if you’re happy with it being there, or if it bothers you.

It’s that ever-present but always low-down item … you know, the yoga class / marathon / massage / meditation course that will inject more balance into your life? Does it make you feel good to have those unmet plans lingering? Or are they actually contributing to your stress?

I know what the answer is for me… so I’m sharing something powerful with you. See a little while ago I came across a TED talk from Kelly McGonigal. Kelly (a Stanford Uni psychologist) revealed an 8 year study of over 30,000 adults, where they asked 2 questions then monitored subsequent death records.

Did I mention yet that the study was on the impacts of stress?

So the 2 questions:

“Have you experienced significant stress in the last year?”


“Do you believe it’s harmful?”

Now you’d probably imagine that the group who answered yes to the 1st question had the highest risk of dying (43%). You’d be right – but ONLY if they also answered yes to the 2nd question too. In fact those who answered yes, they had experienced significant stress BUT NO, it wasn’t harmful? They had the LOWEST risk of dying.

So in fact stress itself is not harmful to you. The belief that stress will kill you, is what will kill you.

In Kelly’s TED talk, she references another study and solutions to help you embrace the reframe. Let her shift your perspective on stress. Instead of panicking when you start to feel stressed, embrace the sensation of heart beating fast, breathing heavy and know that it’s your body preparing you to meet a challenge. After all, even before you read this, you knew that your heart beating fast and breathing getting heavier wasn’t always a bad sign, right? 🙂
So if that yoga/marathon/masseuse on your to-do list is bothering you, then scrub it off without guilt free and embrace your body’s ability to rise to any challenge. Feel stressed? Remind yourself: You got the goods, honey. You’re prepared, you have solid expertise. YOU GOT THIS!

Cath Nolan

An executive coach and our CEO here at Gender Gap Gone, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally in this space, Cath has coached over 300 individuals and worked with some of Australia’s best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent key note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women and diversity groups.

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Have The Conversation

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From Stacey Ashley:

This is a really big one for me. I find myself working with clients in mentoring mode, and often I think to myself “they need to have the conversation”.

Let me give you a couple of examples. On more than one occasion in recent months I’ve had a client who has come to me incredibly frustrated with their immediate boss or manager, and they’ve said that their manager doesn’t understand their priorities, or that they don’t ‘get’ their job.

And in one particular case, the individual came and was really upset because they had received a poor performance review. Now when I ask them about the conversation they had with their manager about their priorities and what was agreed, I generally am faced with something like “well we haven’t had that conversation”, or “we haven’t had that conversation recently”.

And in one instance, someone looked at me and got a bit embarrassed and started fidgeting in their seat because they were a really senior person and yet they hadn’t had the conversation with their boss about what the priorities were in their role, what they were going to deliver over the next 6 and 12 months.

It seems obvious that we need to have the conversation.

How can you agree and commit to expectations that haven’t been made clear?

Another example. I was working with a very senior executive assistant, and there were certain tasks that she really didn’t want to be doing for her boss. More of a personal nature, you know, going and picking up his dry-cleaning and things like that. And she was getting really annoyed and frustrated that he expected her to do those things and yet she hadn’t had the conversation.

There is so much miscommunication in the workplace. Misunderstandings, inconsistency in terms of knowing what the priorities are, being clear on what goals are, even knowing what’s going well and what’s not going well.


From my perspective this has to stop. We’ve got to take responsibility. We’ve got to step-up and own that space, because if we are not clear, then we need to get clear. And how do we do that? We have the conversation.

What makes it important? Well, over 86% of executives identify ineffective collaboration and communication as a major cause of failure in business. On the other hand we’ve got research that shows very clearly the links between having clear goals and objectives and the ability for people to perform at their best. (iOpener institute)


I mean, without that conversation, it’s a bit like trying to buy someone that you don’t know the perfect gift. You have no idea what they like. How can you possibly buy them the perfect gift? Yes you might fluke it, but it’s highly unlikely. So in a workplace you have to give yourself every opportunity to get it right, and as a leader you have to give your people every opportunity to get it right as well.

We want to avoid the mismatch of expectations, the assumptions that seem to grow like wildfire, the lack of informative feedback, because the impacts are too big. The impact on performance, on engagement, on the perception of leadership. Burn-out, stress, turnover, it’s too high. If it’s important enough to you, then you need to have the conversation.

How do you do that?

You need to get clear about what you want from the conversation. What’s your positive intent and what makes it important to you to have the conversation?
You need to agree the time and place with your boss if it’s your boss, with a colleague, with a team member, so you can get clear with them. So set the time and the place and the space aside.

And then ask for their input about this topic, whatever that important topic is to you. A great question to help you with that is, very simply “What do you need from me in relation to…..?” Maybe it’s a goal, maybe it’s a project, maybe it’s how often and how a report is delivered.
And then on the flip-side you can offer to them what you need from them. So, “What I need from you is”, and now we’re both clear. We can both deliver. We can have a conversation about where we can meet the expectations and where not. There are no surprises.

Clarity and shared understanding is fundamental to being able to achieve our individual, our team and our organisational goals, and as a leader we’ve got a responsibility to make sure that that is in place.

So what conversation do you need to have?

Stacey Ashley

Want more?

We do! Stacey is a renowned Master Coach who has been on our radar for years. We asked Stacey to share more of her expertise … and she said yes!!!!!

Stacey’s very graciously running a free Workplace Coach Fundamentals Webinar Training for Gender Gap Gone, on Thursday the 25th of February. CLICK HERE to register. Can’t make this date? Email and we’ll put you on the wait list in case there’s a repeat Webinar.


A little more about Stacey:

Stacey works with Leaders internationally, building high performing teams, Leaders who coach and Professional coaches to develop their coaching skills, and create the confidence and courage to make a difference in their own way.

She is a champion of workplace coaching culture and a regular speaker on happiness at work, complete leadership and mBraining.

How to Make Career Progress Happen in 2016? Be READY For It!


There are three things that, if you do them, are guaranteed to improve your job satisfaction and your income dramatically. These three things will not ask you to compromise your values or to find numerous hours each week, on top of your already busy workload.




Women tend not to apply for roles unless they’re sure they can do ALL of the requirements… but sadly that often means by the time they apply they’re ‘overqualified’ for the position.

WE KNOW that a key factor in this is “when the opportunity came up I was to busy with XYZ project to put any time into an application”. Have your resume ready to go, so that competing priorities don’t get in the way.

It’s possible to make a big difference to a resume, really quickly, if you have a road map. In the spirit of helping you get ahead quickly here’s 2 Before & After Resumé Examples  including our notes explaining what we changed and why. 95% of people report that they’ll make some kind of change after seeing these examples.


A quick google search will show you LOTS of images of really cool resumes. Let’s be honest, they look a LOT spunkier than most of the Word format resumes that are the norm for this part of the world, right? There are two things you need to keep in mind. Those really spunky examples are fantastic for highly creative roles like graphic design, where your resume should demonstrate your creative abilities and your use of creative programs.

A mining industry mate of mine recently received a shovel in lieu of a marketing resume – it held coordinates so he could dig for the actual resumé. That was sure impactful!

But for most roles, the super-creative approach is not quite corporate enough. Also, for most roles you’re applying for, an online application in Word format is exactly what’s expected and it’s tough to funky image graphics into Word in a way that automated recruitment software can read.

If your best qualities are embedded in an image, your resume may never get to see human eyes.

If you haven’t yet clicked on that link above for the Before & After examples, here are a couple of the most important tips:

  • Embrace white space. Long paragraphs are a turn-off: keep it concise.
  • Your audience is the MOST important factor in your resume. What do they want to see? Are those things obvious from your resume?
  • Be sure that your language matches theirs. That carries for cover letters as much as it does for your resume. Highly innovative, creative environment? Don’t bust your chances with formal language. On the flip side: conservative environment? Really, don’t address the hiring manager as “M8” – that’s a step too casual.


Once you’ve updated your resumé, translate it over to your LinkedIn Profile. A strong profile does more than impress others. A strong profile makes YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. It’s a great confidence boost.

Being reminded of your great qualities encourages you to use those great qualities.

They say that to improve kids’ behaviour you focus on the good: encourage the good things they do and then they behave better. Oh if only that were a panacea!! (Honestly, my kids are angels… mostly!) But encouragement does certainly have a noticeable impact. Updating your resume is a great way to take stock of the good you’ve achieved and encourage yourself to create more of the same.


So you’ve updated your resume.

Whether we’re working one on one with Execs in Leadership Programs or our online programs, our first focus is always dedicated to identifying what makes you tick. Its that important – no matter whether your preference is to stay put, move on internally or leave to a new venture altogether.

Be clear about what you want from work, so that when opportunities come up, you CAN apply with confidence that they’re aligned to what’s important to you and not just a waste of time.

Commit to applying for more opportunities this year. What does that mean for you? Negotiating a better deal at work? Keeping a more active eye on external job ads? Being more visible internally? Now we’re moving on to our 2nd strategy.




Executive Presence is being noticed, right? It’s having your ideas heard, your brilliance noticed.

If you were to only do ONE THING this year, be GREAT at your job. Really, be great. There’s a chance that the boss (or the boss’ boss) will notice and be strong enough to encourage you beyond the role you’re in. But there’s also a chance that being great at your job makes you indispensible and overlooked for anything else.

Boosting your Executive Presence will help that.

We’ve checked that your work is aligned to what’s important to you. Here I want to you to check that your best efforts are aligned to what’s most important to the boss / the business.


For more on the Executive Presence Online Boot Camp, click HERE.

So you’re being great at your job, you’re ‘owning’ your expertise. You’re sure that your advice supports the direction of the business – even if that means disagreeing with certain strategies. Now let me go back to being GREAT at your job. Put your ideas forward.

Early in your career the ‘what skills do I need to be great’ question has an obvious answer. There are some very clear skills you simply must gather in order to be an effective leader. As you progress though, the ultimate skill most leaders continue to work on is influence. Some are horrified by the potentially political or game-playing connotations. Others work out a way to make it happen effectively, without compromising on authenticity.

Add strong communication and confidence  to your mix and your ideas are portrayed without “I just think…” or “I’m sorry but…”. Instead your expertise is presented as “based on [insert corp goal] & [insert relevant market conditions] from a [insert your expertise area] we need to take this action. I’ll show you why / what that might look like.”

2015 saw us asked to speak with many hundreds of professional women over different events about executive presence. Every session incorporated network and that’s where we’re going next. Few of us believe we do it well, and yet there are some simple strategies you can apply to do it a little better, comfortably.



How comfortable are you with ‘networking’?  ‘The 8 People You Need In Your Network’  tells who you need to connect with and why it’s worth the trouble.

In the past networking meant giving up an evening to peer at name tags over cheap wine and canapés. You can actually accomplish a great deal without any face time with other humans. Yes, that also means you can get around to it at 10pm Friday night in your pjs. See some tips in Why Successful Leaders Are Raising Their Digital Profile And How You Can Too .

Can’t find time to update your resume this holiday season? At least apply the concepts you see in our Before & After Resume Examples to give your LinkedIn Profile a boost. Where we talk about brevity in your resume, it’s even more important on LinkedIn. The fantastic bonus of a LinkedIn update is that you can be updating your network, raising your profile AND boosting your confidence all in one.

Now THAT’S a fantastic boost to your career.

Want to keep YOU on your career radar this year? Have a close look at our Career Empowerment Program or simply SUBSCRIBE to hear about the latest resources from Team GGG.


Cath Nolan


Cath Nolan is MD of Gender Gap Gone and Director of